Sunday, May 17, 2009

sew sew sew...

I finished another art trade!! I am so glad! She wanted a lil'Okami. I didn't know what it was so a googled it and found some pretty good pics of it. So then i tried to make it my own version of it. I think she liked it. I have three more to go.

I also finished a new bunny. It's a whole new pattern. I'm calling these plushies FLOPS. Flop plushies love to flop wherever. They love to be carried around and go to new places, especially if its with you. I posted it on my Esty and got sold that same day. There are a few people that want it so i'm going to make more Flop bunnies. It is made out of fleece so its really soft.

I bought a new sewing machine!!! It's not expensive since i haven't sew by machine in years. I really needed one because i keep getting orders from people but its really time consuming sewing by hand. i don't mind sewing by hand it actually relaxes me but i would love to post more plushies on Etsy for people.