Wednesday, April 29, 2009

plushies, pincushions and other things...

wow!! I'm so sorry I haven't updated or up loaded anything. I'm so sorry guys. Well, let see, my Birthday came and went. I got money and a small laptop from my hubby so I can take it anywhere. I went to Mexico (before the whole swine flu drama). Really didn't do much just hanged out with my family. I've also finished two art trades. A red lobster for Tasha and a daisy pincushion for LoneHana. I'm so glad they loved them. :D

Lately my kids at work have been taking all my creativity away! Everyday they ask me to draw something for them that by the time i get home all my creativity juices are super low. So from now on i have to work on my crafts before i go to work. Right now i'm working on another art trade and a little bunny. :)