Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy Holiday

I love Christmas! Its one of my favorite holidays but right now I'm pooped out! I have bought most of my gifts. I just need to shop for a couple more....sigh. Also I started sewing more. I made some plushies and I even made some wallets. I gave them away before taking pictures. :/
I also been feature in he first DeviantSHOP Christmas Issue. Check it out! It also includes other DeviantART crafters.

Here are the plushies I made. You can get them at my Etsy Shop.

Also if you have a Deviant Art profile, you can get this penguin plushie free.
here are the details.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank You.

Thank all the people that left an encouraging comment on my last entry. Thank you, it meant a lot to me. I love yall!!

I'm doing really good physically. I started sewing again. I made a lil'bunny while I was gone. I went to my parents house for Thanksgiving. It was a very nice Thanksgiving. I hope every one (that celebrates thanksgiving) had a good one too.

Christmas is around the corner! I cant wait for it. I love Christmas! Its time for me to go shopping for gifts. I guess that is why i love it so much. I love buying things for others. :)

Here is the lil'bunny I worked on. Its now at my Etsy Shop.