Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I went camping with my sister and some friends. i had lots of scary and fun times! we went hiking. we crossed a raging river!! we made a bonfire and ate smores...yummy.

in another note
i been lazy. i just started on a new project. i'm making a giraffe for my sister and i'm also going to start on some duckies so i can open my Esty store.... hopefully!!!

well here are some pix from last weekend!

my sister and me. the water was so cold!
made this for my hubby since he didn't go
yes , she has a dipper on. she 's in heat but i took her anyways. she had so much fun!!


Bibi said...

Oh, WOW! Love the pics, especially the rock message. Aww. Sounds like you guys had fun! You should've taken me with you. Lol.

Anonymous said...

You have one of the nicest blogs i have ever seen! Very beautiful with excellent ideas. Congrats.