Monday, December 10, 2007


well, i need to update on my blog!!

Well, i made more plushes. i finished a little tinkerbell but i'm not posting it yet, its a Christmas present. I also made a little Chibi-Naruto. He is from one of my favorite animes, Naruto.

In another note. I'm going to open my Etsy shop soon. YAY! Hopefully it will me open this Thur or Fri. I'm getting some stuff ready for it! I'm so excited!! i just finished my fabric labels for my goodies wich i got from this awesome tutorial made by Fresh Vintage. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!!

my logo

my fabric labels!


Bibi said...

You so freakin' rawk, Lori!! I love it!!! You're work is so creative and beautiful! I'm sure your Etsy is gonna do great!

Anonymous said...

How did you make that Naruto plushie? I want to make one of Shikamaru!