Monday, June 14, 2010


I was babysitting a little girl last week and she found herself into my craft room. She saw all the plushies I made and wanted one. I told her I could give her one or make a special one just for her. So she ended up designing one. Its was so funny because she would reject all my suggestions! I was "Are you sure you want this in it?" throughout the whole proses. At the end this is what she came up with. I can't remember what she named it.

I got the body pattern from a Japanese book.
I also wanted to say CONGRATS to my cousin. She just had her baby boy. WELCOME TO THE WORLD MOISES!

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Squid and Pig said...

Un tigre minisimo! que suerte la niƱita! me encanta el corazoncito en la barriguita, como ne lo osos amorosos! XD

y felicidades a tu primo! :O