Monday, October 1, 2007

Back Home

i'm back from my little trip. it was nice having the family together again. we ate homemade burgers and my mom also made tamales. i took some home. :P my dad and i saw Biggio's last game in the Astros. its was so sad to see him go. :( My mom and i went on a little Hobby Lobby shopping. i bought more materials and she said she was going to teach me how to knit. YAY! also, i finished the little doll for my niece!

i hope she likes it. (^.^).

also on my way home i got i little bored so i took out my sketchbook and started to draw little ideas for my next project. i also drew is on the cover of my sketchbook. (^.^)

1 comment:

Bibi said...

OMG, Lori!! I love the doll!! It's soo cute. I bet Elyse is gonna love it! Thanks!!