Sunday, October 28, 2007

Satuday Night

Yesterday my husband was out most of the day!! he is in the USAF Honor Guard. he had to do two funerals yesterday! i was so bored and lonely. he didn't come home till 7pm. so i told him i wanted to do something. we went to the mall. i was trying to find the new yotsuba&! manga. no luck!! he bought an Egyptian book (he loves Egyptian history). after the mall we headed to barnes 'n noble. didn't find yotsuba&!. so i went to look at the arts 'n craft section. i couldn't find anything, bummer!! then we headed to CiCi's. i love CiCi's!!! After CiCi's we went to Wal-Mart. i was trying to find some Valentina hot sauce. that stuff is the bomb!!!! but they didn't have any.....sigh. everything i was looking for they didn't have. so i went to the cd section to find the Camila cd i been wanting and guess what???? IT WAS THERE..... so i bought it!! Finally something i wanted and they had it!!!! Well that is about it. i got to go.....i'm hungry!

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Bibi said...

That sucks. I hate it when I can't find what I'm looking for! Well, at least you got your CD. I talk to your mom yesterday, so I know they didn't make it over there this weekend. Hope you're not too bummed out about that. If so, eat some chocolate. Chocolate always make me feel better! ^_^