Monday, January 14, 2008


yay! i'm back on track! yesterday i finished an owl pincushion i was working on. its on sale in my Etsy SHOP!! i also finished a red flower pincushion a lady asked me to do for her. she wanted a little ribbon hoop so she can hang it instead of the wrist band pincushion. i think it came out pretty nice. :D today a DeviantArt friend posted that she wanted to do art trades. i asked her if she would do an art trade with me. i was so happy when she said yes!! i'm going to get a really cute amigurumi Moon Bun w/a little blue cape and she is going to receive from me a pink mushroom pincushion!! i'm so excited!! tomorrow i might get this really cute Japanese pattern book i really want!! oh, i also went out and bought the new Backstreet Boys CD with my Christmas gift card!! what an awesome day!!

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Bibi said...

Awwww! Those are cute!! and I'm jealous that you're getting that moon bun, it's too adorable!! I lost my phone somewhere. So, I suspended my account until I get a new sprint one. I'm gonna go to radio shack tomorrow and check on ebay too. Email me your number so I can call you once I get a phone 'cause I don't know ANYONE's number by memory. Doesn't that suck???