Friday, May 30, 2008


• Well, not really! Two little birdies made a nest right outside my front door! they are working so hard i didn't want to tear it down. hopefully they don't peck or poop on my head. here are some pix of their work.

i donno why these pix came out like this...oh well!!

• my hubby got a new toy! its really cool. too bad i can't ride....yet! he needs to buy me a helmet. you should have seen him when i told him it was ok to get one.....hehehe! he's been wanting one since he sold his old one.

• i made another mushroom pincushion. i like it! you can grab it at my Etsy Shop!!

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Anonymous said...

Love your pets! You know I always love your pincushions!! and Mars said that that WAS Thomas's bike, lol! j/k