Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of JULY!!!
my in-laws came down this weekend. Friday we went to a festival. didn't take pictures of it because it started raining. we had to go back home but i did enjoy a turkey leg and a lemonade, oh, and a funnel cake...yummy. we got home and watched the Macy's fireworks on tv. they were really cool. once it got dark we headed down to see the fireworks. awesome!!!

On Saturday we headed to the Market place. for those that don't know i live in San Antonio. the Market place is a little piece of Mexico. Got to see some Folklórico dances. most people don't know but when i lived in Mexico i us to be in folkloric dance. so when i watched the little girls dance it took me back. after watching the dancers we walked the market place and found lots of cute things.

i found some dolls like the one i bought in Mexico, except these were a little more expensive and i saw my being made :D

i love paper flowers!!
I had lots of fun this weekend :p

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Bibi said...

We're gonna have to go when we visit, lol.