Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm BACK....

...what, i was gone!?! YEP, i left to Mexico two weeks ago!!! the bus ride was so long but it was worth it!! i had lots of fun and ate a lot. time to get back on the treadmill...hehe! I visited both of my Grandmas' house and a lot of aunts and uncles!!! i love the bright color houses. it kinda makes me happy!!

Arriving to a city surrounded by mountains...Saltillo!!

Grandma's House

One of my uncle's house!!

In one of my aunt's house we had a Bar-b-q!! it was deliciouses!! her back yard was full of awesome plants and decorations. i couldn't help it and took some pix! :D she had a pomegranate tree. i just wished they were riped. she also had lots of cactus!

on her walls she had the cutest little houses decorations. We also had the change to meet the next door neighbor's horse!! i was a little scared to touch it at first.

inside her house i found the littlest frame with a cross-stitch design i ever saw!! it was about 3x3!! i love finding little treasures that people have around there house!! They also had an inside water fountain and at the very top of it a found two little turtles!! hehe...
we also got on a "combi" (bus) to the Mercado (the market). once we got to downtown it was time to take a little walk. man, i'm really out of shape!!! i got to see some leopards and tigers. the circus was coming to town and they were adverting it. i got to touch them!!! we didn't have time to go tough.

my little cousin being silly!!
a church that we passed by
i love the Mercado! its full of colors and smells!! my cousin found a funny mask and i found some cool Day of the Dead items. right outside the Mercado i found a lady making little dolls. i couldn't help it and bought one!! its adorable!!

outside the Mercado
inside the Mercado
my cousin 50 years from now! hehe
i found my little treasure from Mexico!!!

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Bibi said...

Love the pics!! and that doll is too cute!