Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cute keychains

made my first pair of cute animal keychains. i will make more later. i kind of ran out of safety eyes. i ordered some yesterday. so as soon as the eyes come i'll make more. you can buy these two cute ones at my Etsy Shop!! ENJOY!!


Bibi said...

Holy CRAP!!! I love them!! I want one...but I don't know what animal.....make some more and I'm sure I'll find one I heart!!! Congrats on your sale of the bunny plushie and keychain!

rebeca said...

hey i havent seen u and thomas in a long time well not that long but i hope i see u soon tell thomas i miss him and tell kaneda that i love her and that i miss her and that i will never forget her i have to go bye p.s i like the keychains and the plushies bye :) . rebeca

Joseph said...

I reviewed this thingy for Arena: It's great, but all the demo songs sound like Photek or someone & I have to confess that i struggled to make a tune that didn't either.Key chains